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Salador Charlock
Name Salador Charlock (click to view pedigree)
Owner Sheila Smith
Breeder Sheila Smith
Gender M
Sire Cadeyrn Black Tulip
Dam Salador Crumpet
Reg No A4078402B04
DOB 10/21/1976
Color ( B/T )
Trailing Titles/Awards
Call name Whiskey
Country of Origin United Kingdom
Photo courtesy of
Co Owners
Co Breeders
MRI Grade
MRI Date
CHIC Number
Heart Clearance
Hip Grade
Episodic Falling Syndrome
Dry Eye Curly Coat
OFA Listing
Inbred percentage 6.0192 %
92 Animals found.
Name Color
Black Tulip of Waldor
Cadeyrn Black Boris of Shenlyn ( B/T )
Carndale Kola ( B/T )
Carrisgold Contrast ( B/T )
Carrisgold Sun Of Gold at Loranka ( R )
Chamanic Centaurus ( B/T )
Chamanic Finistere
Chamanic Finisterre ( B/T )
Chamanic Rosslare ( R )
Chamanic Shannon ( R )
Chamanic Sirius at Racelyne ( B/T )
Chamanic Trafalgar ( B/T )
Charlandra Blue Beard
Charlandra Cassanova ( R )
Charlandra Cressida
Charnell Blacksmith ( B/T )
Charnell Red Rory ( R )
Charnell Red Roxy
Clairmont Call Me Madam
Clairmont Shady Lady at Rossyn
Copper Beau from Salador at Friarland ( R )
Craigowl Chance ( R )
Craigowl Charade ( R )
Craigowl Charcoal ( B/T )
Craigowl Charmaine ( B/T )
Cuchulain From Salador ( B/T )
Dortmund Lady Emma ( R )
Downies Dark Angel ( B/T )
Eirams Dark Crystal ( B/T )
Eirams Dark Dreamer ( B/T )
Farnsmere Cerlics Gold
Farnsmere Coppice Glow ( B/T )
Fontelania Burnt Almond ( R )
Fontelania Burnt Toast ( B/T )
Fontelania Burnt Treacle of Volney ( B/T )
Fontelania Sugar Cane Of Volney ( R )
Grantilley Golden Mandarin ( R )
Harvey Wallbanger of Sharvo
Hillyacres Anouska
Hillyacres Black Lace
Jasenil Barba de Leon ( B/T )
Jasenil Copper Rose ( R )
Jasenil Sweet Briar ( B/T )
Kamy Black Shadow
Kamy Ebony Lady
Lady Katherine of Hipswell ( B/T )
Leelyn Black Bruno ( B/T )
Leelyn Burnise
Leelyn Chagarl ( R )
Leelyn Flame
Leyross Surprise
Llwynreos Sunset of Ravenrush ( R )
Llwynyreos Sunset of Ravenrush ( R )
McGoogans Hollidh
Montbarle Comet ( B/T )
Newmere Marsala ( B/T )
Northscale Chariot of Fire ( R )
Northscale Charisma ( B/T )
Northscale Charlotte ( B/T )
Northscale Coraleen ( R )
Northscale Midnight Magic ( B/T )
Northscale Rosalie
Pantisa Tobermory ( B/T )
Paulian Blackthorn ( B/T )
Rheinvelt Ringold von Salador ( B/T )
Rheinvelt Roberto von Salador ( B/T )
Salador Caergwrle
Salador Charcoal ( B/T )
Salador Charlston ( B/T )
Salador Charwenna ( B/T )
Salador Cheidi of Carrisgold
Salador Clover ( B )
Salador Columbine ( R )
Salador Coppergleam ( R )
Salador Coppersmith ( R )
Salador Coral Berry ( B/T )
Salador Corn Dolly ( B )
Shot In The Dark
Stonepit Red Wizard At Paper Dolls ( R )
Stonepit Sorceress ( B )
Sukev Daddy Frank
Sylken Creole Prince ( B/T )
Sylken Sonata of Sylarius ( R )
Tambro Jethro Tull at Amauri
Teki Copper Monk ( R )
Teki Dominic ( B/T )
Teki Special ( R )
Teki Timber ( B/T )
Titians Golden Gemma ( R )
Ttitian Golden Gemma ( R )
Wildgrove Duke ( R )
Wildgrove Twopence ( R )
Brothers and sisters
2 Animals found.
Name Color
Salador Cherrybird ( B )
Salador Chickory of Loranka ( B/T )
Added by adminar
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 Re: Salador Charlock
Added missing DOB: 10/21/1976

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